Hear, O Israel, The LORD our God, The LORD is One. (Deut 6:4)
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We will have peace (in the Middle-East) when Arab mothers love their children more than they hate the Jews.
Attributed to Golda Meir (Prime Minister of Israel: 1969-1974)

"I feel it right, when I lay my head upon my pillow, to ask myself, 'If I never wake on Earth, is it well with my soul?'"
Charles H. Spurgeon, Only a Prayer Meeting, p156.

"Prophets are messengers of mercy before judgment. While mercy is being preached judgement is being withheld. When mercy stops being preached only judgement is left."

"If we are true disciples of Christ, we must bear a continual testimony n the midst of an evil world. We must testify to the truth of our Master's Gospel, -the graciousness of our Master's heart, -the happiness of our Master's service, -the excellence of our Master's rules of life, -and the enormous danger and wickedness of the ways of the world. Such testimony will doubtless bring down upon us the displeasure of man. The world will hate us, as it did our Master, because we 'testify of it that its works are evil.' (John vii. 7.) Such testimony will doubtless be believed by few comparitively, and will be thought by many offensive and extreme. But the duty of a witness is to bear his testimony, whether he is believed or not. If we bear a faithful testimony, we have done our duty, although, like Noah, and Elijah, and Jeremiah, we stand almost alone."
J.C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on Luke, Vol 2, (Luke 24:44-19), p520.

"Yeah, yeah. Well, you know, everybody's heard the word 'repent' and they don't really understand what the word means. For a lot of people, when they think of the word repentance, they think of a guy with a sandwich sign that says, 'turn or burn,' or, 'you're going to die and fry.'
But actually, repent is the Greek word, metanoia (ph), which means literally 'to change your mind.' And it means that when I repent, I change my mind. First, I change my mind about God, I change my mind about myself, I change my mind about others, I change my mind about life. And a lot of people look at repentance as a negative thing, like I'm going to have to give up this, this, and this, and this, and like it's something terrible.
You know, when I repented, Larry, years ago, I basically turned from hopelessness to hope, from darkness to light, from guilt to forgiveness, from loneliness to a family of God, from purposelessness to purpose, from having no meaning in my life to having meaning. It was the most positive change in my life.
And I think that when Ashley shared this idea, that you know what, even though you've gone through what you've done, and you've done these bad things, that no one is beyond the point of redemption. And I do truly believe that, that even the people who are listening to this program right now, some of them say, man, I've done it, I've done too many bad things, God's fed up with me, God wouldn't be interested in me. God wouldn't pay me any attention because, you know, I missed that boat a long time ago. And I would say to those people, you're dead wrong. You're just dead wrong. There is no pit too deep that God's love is not deeper still. And I would say that's true for Brian Nichols, it's true for me, and it's true for everybody in the whole world. And that is what is the good news, is that it's never too late. Never too late. That's it."
Rick Warren
Who would have thought that J.C. Ryle could have gotten it so wrong?
Or is it Rick Warren, with his false teachings, who has it wrong!

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