Hear, O Israel, The LORD our God, The LORD is One. (Deut 6:4)
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    FADS: What will the church accept next?
They come and they go.
They promise big things but don't deliver.

Note: I am not talking about perceived short-term success thanks to advertising etc.

Where is the Revival? Yes, there is hype, sensation and enthusiam ... but that is not revival.
If there was revival in the church, then it would impact society for the better, in tangible and visible ways. An excited church community is not the evidence of revival.

(2004) Movie: The Passion of the Christ (Mel Gibson)
(2002) The Purpose Driven Life & 40 Days of Purpose (Rick Warren)
(2000) The Prayer of Jabez (Bruce Wilkinson)
(1996) Becoming a Contagious Christian (Bill Hybels & Mark Mittelberg)
(1995) Left Behind (Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins)
(1995) The Purpose Driven Church, (Rick Warren)
Pensacola, Toronto, Holy Trinity (Brompton)
Laughing, Drunkeness, Animal Imitations (Rodney Howard-Browne)
Spiritual Gift (SG) - 'SG Inventories', 'How to Find Your SG', 'Discovering Your SG' ...
Spiritual Warfare
(1990) Alpha Course (Nicky Gumbel)
(1990) Promise Keepers
(1990) Weigh Down Workshop (Gwen Shamblin)
(1979) The Jesus Film
(1976) I Found It (William R. Bright, [cf Campus Crusade for Christ])

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